Reuters faked photos

Here’s the original photo


Here is a doctored version put out by Reuters (which was quickly withdrawn)


How could anyone let this slip by. Whoever did it, clearly just used photoshop’s cloning or stamping tool and didn’t even clean it up with a blur. And why would anyone think they needed to “enhance” the original photo. The original clearly shows thick black smoke rising up from the city; what more could you want. I wonder whether the photographer was just fooling around with the photo and accidentally sent the doctored one in to Reuters, instead of the original. This is such a bad photoshopping job, it hardly seems likely someone was actually trying to get away with it.

Actually I just found this quote from someone who spoke to the photographer (hence the strikeout above):

According to Reuters spokeswoman Moira Whittle, Hajj denied deliberately attempting to manipulate the image. He said he was trying to remove dust marks and made mistakes because of bad lighting conditions, she said Sunday.

Well, looks like 1) the photographer was just incompetent or b) was trying to lie his way out of the situation he got himself into. My money is on option 1b. He’s incompetent and he’s a liar.

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Highway sky


This picture was kind of blah, so I thought I’d see what I could do with it in photoshop. This was the result.  Nothing spectacular, I know, but I wanted to play around and see what I could come up with.

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Painted sewer

This way or that

Decided to take my camera with me on my “walk” the other day. Got a lot of boring old trees and things, but I thought this was kinda interesting.

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Another great lightning shot

OK, so I will probably post lots more lightning stuff over the life of this blog. I just like it, I guess. Here’s one from Sam Javanrouh in Toronto. Look at the thickest lightning bolt. It’s striking the CN tower. Cool!

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Lightning strikes again

Daniel Séguin from has done it again. Look at this great lightning shot from last night. Better yet, go to his site and look at if full size. I went out last night with my point and shoot and my camcorder. I got one picture and many minutes of video that I’ll post eventually ( unfortunately I’m having a bit of trouble with my ISP and so I have no access at home.) Daniel, you might remember, has been taking spectacular shots of lightning since the storm we had back in early July. And… sorry, back then I said it would be my last post on lightning… well I guess i lied.

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North Bay windstorm

Tree on house Uprooted tree

My family and I visited North Bay, Ontario for a few days this week. At about suppertime on July 17th (the evening before we arrived) there was an intense wind and rain storm. It uprooted trees and sent some toppling on houses. Some ofmy in-laws (that’s who we were visiting) said while driving through the storm and just afterwards, they had to swerve to avoid the fallen and falling trees. Here are some pictures of the damage and there are plenty more here on flickr. Here are some more pictures on Flickr, taken by kden604.
BTW: These pictures were taken on my cellphone (motorola ROKR E1) and my camera (Nikon Coolpix 2200)

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I guess lots of people have heard of this before, but I haven’t: It’s stock photography at really, REALLY cheap prices. Like $1, $2, $3 dollars. No, there are no zeros after those numbers. I had only ever seen where the prices are $100 or more. This is really great and I want to spread the word. You can also sell your own photos there and do other things to earn credits for buying photos.

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Looking for a new camera

My wife is a photographer, but hasn’t had a “real” camera for a few years. In fact, she’s never had a high-quality digital camera. We’re now looking for one, something under $1000 (preferably under $700, even) but something that has all that f-stop thinginess, manual focus and where you can change lenses and has a place to plug in a flash.

Are we aksing too much, looking for one that allows you to change lenses at that price.

We initially looked at the Sony Cybershot 7.2MP, which seemed to get some pretty good reviews — although I don’t believe you can change lenses. Any suggestions, comments?

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Lightning strike… not!

I guess I wasn’t the only one in town impressed with the storm we had the other day. dseguin of was as well, and tried to get some shots of the lightning. Unfortunately his fingers were just too slow, but he did manage to get this great shot of his stairs climbing into the clouds.

If you’ve got some free time, take a look at some of his photos. Some of them are amazing, like the World Cup Fever one.

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Lightning Photography

Lightning Photography – lightning photo index

Some very cool pictures of lightning. Lots of them. I have a great picture a rainbow I took, I’ll try to post it if I remember.

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