Another great lightning shot

OK, so I will probably post lots more lightning stuff over the life of this blog. I just like it, I guess. Here’s one from Sam Javanrouh in Toronto. Look at the thickest lightning bolt. It’s striking the CN tower. Cool!

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Lightning strikes again

Daniel S├ęguin from has done it again. Look at this great lightning shot from last night. Better yet, go to his site and look at if full size. I went out last night with my point and shoot and my camcorder. I got one picture and many minutes of video that I’ll post eventually ( unfortunately I’m having a bit of trouble with my ISP and so I have no access at home.) Daniel, you might remember, has been taking spectacular shots of lightning since the storm we had back in early July. And… sorry, back then I said it would be my last post on lightning… well I guess i lied.

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Lightning Post #4 (or5)

OK… this is the last time I’ll post anything about lightning. Daniel Seguin finally got his lightning shot, and what a great shot it is. Notice the way the building seem to be leaning in all different directions. Very Beetlejuice-esque.

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Lightning strike… not!

I guess I wasn’t the only one in town impressed with the storm we had the other day. dseguin of was as well, and tried to get some shots of the lightning. Unfortunately his fingers were just too slow, but he did manage to get this great shot of his stairs climbing into the clouds.

If you’ve got some free time, take a look at some of his photos. Some of them are amazing, like the World Cup Fever one.

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Lightning Photography

Lightning Photography – lightning photo index

Some very cool pictures of lightning. Lots of them. I have a great picture a rainbow I took, I’ll try to post it if I remember.

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