North Bay windstorm

Tree on house Uprooted tree

My family and I visited North Bay, Ontario for a few days this week. At about suppertime on July 17th (the evening before we arrived) there was an intense wind and rain storm. It uprooted trees and sent some toppling on houses. Some ofmy in-laws (that’s who we were visiting) said while driving through the storm and just afterwards, they had to swerve to avoid the fallen and falling trees. Here are some pictures of the damage and there are plenty more here on flickr. Here are some more pictures on Flickr, taken by kden604.
BTW: These pictures were taken on my cellphone (motorola ROKR E1) and my camera (Nikon Coolpix 2200)

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Happy 4th of July, Happy Birthday to me and Gord Sinclair!

I’m Canadian, so I don’t celebrate US independence day… but it is my birthday and I do celebrate that. I have finally hit the age at which Gord Sinclair stopped aging. His running gag all his life age 40 and up, whenever asked how old he was, was to say he was 39. Well, I’m not saying how old I am, but I’m as old as Gord was when he died, which would make me about 39.

Gord SinclairIn case you don’t know, Gord Sinclair was the long time news director at CJAD who died in 2002. He was a well-loved guy and also a well-hated guy. He had strong opinions on every issue, but was generally just loveable old Gord. I still find myself thinking about things he made sure his news staff understood. He was a stickler for pronunciation and one of the things that comes to mind is that he would get upset when anyone called the month Feb-you-ary. It’s Feb-roo-ary, he would always say.

There is a picture of Gord in a prominent place in the CJAD newsroom (not the one above). You can’t miss it… and you shouldn’t.

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Long weekend

It’s another long weekend. Some people are off Friday, some are off Monday. Why don’t we get together and decide which one we should all take off. We should take the weekday closest to the weekend day that the holiday falls on. So, if the holiday is on a Saturday, like it is this year — we should ALL get the Friday off. If it falls on a Sunday, we should get the Monday. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Whichever day you have off, have a happy Canada Day. Get out to the parade if you can. If you’re moving, I hope it goes well….. and don’t forget; save the beer for last!

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Moving day… dumb!

Why do we continue with this archaic tradition of moving an entire province on a single day, and on Canada Day, no less. There would be revolutions, if you tried to do the same thing in other countries.

From Wikipedia

“Moving Day started as a humanitarian measure of the French colonial government of New France. It stipulated that the seigneurs of the seigneuries could not evict tenants before the winter snows had melted. In law, this date was placed as May 1. Later this evolved into leases that had to start on May 1 and end on April 30.”

Why do we still do this every year. Every year tens of thousands of Quebecers change addresses on July 1st. A fixed moving day is just dumb. It creates insanity on our streets as motorists have to dodge moving trucks parked sometimes two three at a time on a street. It makes it hard to get a truck and because everyone needs a truck or a mover on the same day, the price skyrockets. It leaves people scrambling to find a place to live and it’s why there’s been housing crunches in the city of Montreal for the past three or four years, with many families living in shelters for days or weeks or even months after moving day.

Moving day is not a law, although it used to be. All it would take is a couple of landlords and tenants to go for 11 or 13 month leases to start the whole thing off. Do that for a few years and we’d have moving days nicely scattered throughout the year — or at least through the non-winter months.

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