Windows live writer – initial thoughts


Ok, so here’s a post using Windows Live Writer. When I first started the program up, it crashed my computer. It took me a second time of starting and crashing to realize what the problem was. Windows Live Writer does not seem to like ZoneAlarm. So the next time I started it up, I turned off ZoneAlarm first and turned on Windows Firewall, which oddly enough it has no conflicts with. Imagine that.

As soon as it starts up, Windows Live Writer asks you a few questions about your blog, downloads a few things, presumably it’s stylesheet and layout and then presents you with a window in which you write your blog.

There are menu options to add images


and maps.

Well, that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far. Let’s see if I can publish it. Cross your fingers! If you’re reading this then it has in fact been published.

UPDATE: I’m now editing this in my regular WordPress online editor. I noticed that while it got most of it right, WLR didn’t get my font size correct. I wonder if it will fix things, when I republish, with this new content.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Apparently not, and in fact this new content seems to be too small as well. It might have something to do with the changes I made to the original WP template, but if so, then obviously WLR is not working properly.  Also, it’s supposed to look exactly the same in the editor and on the page and it does not.  The pictures are a little bit off.

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