Protopage version 3 update

One of my favourite Web 2.0 (Ugh!) start pages is Protopage. I like the full control you have over placing widgets or gadgets or whatever it is they call them. I found a while ago that they really needed an upgrade from version 2 and have since stopped using it. In fact, I have stopped using all start pages.

I found I was using Protopage mainly for web feeds and that I didn’t often use its other features. I also hated the numbered pages they have, where many other start pages now use tabs. In the end I switched to Bloglines, which I find is the best online feed reader out there, although I think it leaves a lot to be desired. But that’s for another post.

The protopage people now say :

With version 3 we’re going beyond expectations to create some powerful ways for you to organize and categorize your page content. We’re also creating the means for you to extend Protopage and add your own functionality – so you’ll be able to customize your Protopage even more than ever before. The look and feel has also had a spring clean.

They have said version 3 will be available sometime this quarter, which, if I’m not mistaken, ends at the end of September…. so still another month and a half away, although they could roll it out anytime now. I’m excited and I hope they give me enough reason to switch back.

I wonder now whether anyone is actually still even using these start pages, or were they a fad that is now becoming so … last Friday. Is it just me who’s stopped? I’d love to see some stats.

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