Swift: Webkit-based browser for Windows


Saw something about this browser called Swift at CSS Insider and so, being the browser nut that I am, I downloaded it and tried it. That thing is pretty much instantaneous. There is absolutely no waiting to load a web page. Well, it’s fast, but I did a little, unscientific comparison with Firefox and it’s not that much better. It does, however feel very light and robust. Probably because it is. It’s in alpha and there’s probably not a whole lot to it yet. It crashed on me twice already in 4 times using it. I also noticed I couldn’t input a password on any password sites. It’s obvisouly not ready for prime time yet, but it has potential and it’s something to keep an eye on.

The site’s own tagline says: “A web browser for Windows based on the Apple Webkit rendering engine”

Web designers and developers take note. There could soon be a new browser for you to watch out for. I truly hope it will be fully standards-compliant.

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