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I’m way late on this I know, but I thought since Google is starting to push its desktop program now, that I’d download it again and review it. I found when I first tried it, for searching my computer, it slowed everything down and I didn’t like it. This time, I’m trying it mainly for the widgets. I’ve been using Yahoo! Widgets and I kind of like it. I have three or four I keep on my desktop all the time.

I find there aren’t nearly as many Google widgets available, but then again I haven’t really searched around, I’ve only used the ones Google provides when you click Add Widgets. I find it odd, that there’s not even a Google Reader widget.

(Now this is odd. I’ve just installed Google Desktop and tried out a few widgets, and my virus scanner popped up with a virus notice. That almost never happens. I’ll have to investigate. I have no idea whether this program caused it, or not. I hope not, for Google’s sake.))

I like the look of the widgets, but then Yahoo! Widgets were cool looking as well. There are enough widgets to let me switch from Yahoo!, but whether I stick with it will be determined over the next few days. I’ll report back.

google.jpgI also like this feature. Click ctrl twice and a google search box widget pops up. It’s got a suggest feature in it, and then takes you to your browser for the full results.

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