Jason hits the bigtime on Boagworld podcast

Have you heard the latest Boagworld podcast, #42: Choosing the right design? I’m the guy asking the question about whether it’s ok to be “inspired” by other websites. Paul and Marcus essentially said it’s OK, to a point to get some inspiration — just don’t “copy.” Which is the answer I’d been hoping for. I realize afterwards that what I do a lot is get ideas from several sites at once — maybe a color scheme here, a cool javascript idea there and maybe a neat box or button from a third. I don’t copy those elements, but see how they could fit in with the site I’m creating. It was nice to hear from Paul that while he doesn’t actively seek out inspiration, he does find bits of other sites that could be used, in some form or another (not a copy), in his.

Finally, Paul’s advice was to get inspiration from things in the real world, signs and pictures and things — and that way you can never be accused of stealing someone else’s design.

If you’ve never heard of Boagworld and you’re a web designer or developer, then please go check out his blog and podcast.

PS: Marcus what’s my prize for being the “winning question of the year, so far.” Hey there’s a great idea guys, how about a weekly or monthly giveaway! I’d be honored to be the first.

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