Kids and pools

PoolPlease, watch your kids constantly when you’re around a pool.

The summer’s only about 2 weeks old and already we’ve had several cases of young kids finding their way into the family pool and drowning…. DYING! Please, please do not leave them alone for even a second. If you have to run in to the house for “just a second” take your toddler with you. Do not leave her in pool area and tell her not to go near the pool, because there may be no child left to get upset at, if she doesn’t listen to you. Your precious baby might accidentally fall in and DIE!

Quebec is the pool capital of Canada. Almost everyone has a pool or knows someone with a pool. Because of this, the problem is particularly acute here.

The latest case involved a 2-year-old girl from Laval (north of Montreal) who wandered away from her father’s view for just a few minutes and was found floating unconscious in the pool. She died yesterday.

A sad ending to the story of a 2 year old found in a family pool in Laval on Sunday. The girl died yesterday. She slipped out of her family’s view for only a few minutes, and was found floating unconscious in an in-ground pool. Police are treating it as an accident — there is a regulation fence around the pool — and they probably won’t lay any there charges. — CJAD NEWS

I bet this has happened to you, if you’re a parent. Your kids are playing outside. You’re even out their with them, but your mind wanders for a second or you get into that phone conversation or that book you’re reading or you get wrapped up in the conversation you’re having over the fence with the neighbor. You turn around and your son or daughter is not where they were a second ago. You look around and sometimes they’re just a few feet off behind a tree or maybe it takes a few seconds to realize they went around the front or side of the house. You find them, but didn’t your heart start racing as those long seconds went by? Didn’t the worst thoughts go through your head? Well, what if you found your child at the bottom of the pool, even the kiddy pool and what if she’s DEAD!

Don’t let your child die!

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