IE7 crashing: resolved! (I think)

I believe I may have solved my problem. Not only was IE7 crashing all time, but anytime I opened — and then closed any folder in windows, explorer.exe also crashed. After much googling around I came across this thread and this one.  First I tried EasyCleaner, which didn’t do it, but I think it did speed up my computer a bit. Then I tried ShellExView which magically solved all my problems.

Y’know what the problem was?  Some IE7 addon I installed for mouse gestures.  I can’t seem to find the addon anymore on the ie7 addon site, so maybe it got taken down.  Here’s how I tracked down the problem:

1. In ShellExView, I sorted the extensions by company name and disabled all NON-microsoft ones, figuring it was a third party one that was causing the problem.  This was in fact the case, because when I then tried to open and close “my computer” it did not crash (it had been crashing EVERY single time I did that before.)

2. I then enabled blocks of about 10 or 20 extensions at a time and tried to open and close “my computer.”  When explorer crashed (and then restarted itself) I knew the problem was caused by one of the extensions in that block. 

3. I then narrowed it down to only one possible extension and disabled that. 

Everything is now both hunky and dory!

BTW: I also installed BigFix which kinda just sits in my tray and is supposed to check for problems BEFORE they turn into problems.

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  1. I just had another crash with IE7, as I was trying to close a tab. What’s going on?

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