Looking for a new camera

My wife is a photographer, but hasn’t had a “real” camera for a few years. In fact, she’s never had a high-quality digital camera. We’re now looking for one, something under $1000 (preferably under $700, even) but something that has all that f-stop thinginess, manual focus and where you can change lenses and has a place to plug in a flash.

Are we aksing too much, looking for one that allows you to change lenses at that price.

We initially looked at the Sony Cybershot 7.2MP, which seemed to get some pretty good reviews — although I don’t believe you can change lenses. Any suggestions, comments?

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  1. go for either a Canon Rebel XT or a Nikon d50, both are great cameras, and are able to change lenses unlike the Sony. They both have manual focus, and f-stop thinginess. =D You can get a Canon Rebel XT with a lens for 739 dollars at buydig.com (great site, i’ve bought alot of stuff from them)


    good luck with your purchase!

  2. I forgot to mention, that’s $CAD700 Canadian dollars, which would be in the neighborhood of $US630.

  3. I agree with “i dream in red” that those are some great choices. I’m a Nikon guy myself, but lots and lots of folks out there and having a great time with their Canon cameras. Your trouble will be finding something at the price you’re hoping for.

    (Hey, you’re buying a camera – get off the computer and go to a store like Lozeau with your wife. Get her to pick-up the cameras, hold them, and feel them in her hands. She’s a photographer, this whole “feeling” thing will become important. While she’s doing her get-to-know-the-camera-thing, you purge the salespersons for all possible info on digital SLRs. They might just convince you to wait until you’ve got a couple extra hundred bucks to add to your budget. đŸ˜‰

    Here’s the deal, you could find another brand SLR, but who’s got the lenses you’re going to want to drop onto the camera? You can find 3rd party lenses for all brands, but do you want to start spending several hundreds of dollars (ya that’s how much they all cost) on lenses for a “not-as-good-body”?

    A place to start from might be to try to match the brand of digital SLR to the film camera your wife either a) has, or b) aspires to have. Then many of the lenses will be interchangable between film and digital bodies…

    One option I’ve been very pleased with has been to buy second hand. We’re pretty lucky here in Mtl as there’s a substantial photo community, so you might just get lucky.

    Check out:
    …I’ve both found and sold very good equipment on both these sites.

    Any hoots, best of luck with all that.

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